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The role of cut foliage in floral art is certainly as important as that of the flowers themselves because their branches give body and structure to flower arrangements or bouquets, besides doubtlessly adding an appealing and aesthetic appearance to them. Therefore, these decorative leaves should endure in excellent condition at least the same amount of time the flowers of these arrangements do.

Being aware of the importance of this, in Rain Fields we are constantly working to supply the market with ferns and other decorative cut foliages at any time of the year, always certifying optimum freshness, high quality and lasting durability.

We are producers and suppliers of different kinds of tropical and subtropical cut foliages. Since the 1970s, we are the largest European grower of Leather fern, a very versatile plant which soon became our specialty.  These great characteristics have earned us recognition among European markets, consolidating Rain Fields’s position as a first place company.

Cultivated Foliage

We have been growing various tropical and subtropical plants since the 1970s, getting to possess more than 100 ha of productive field. Our crops are regularly audited by the GLOBAL G.A.P Certification Program.
Some of them, such as Eucaliptus, Ruscus or Aspidistra, are very well-known. Other plants, such as Aralia, Philodendron or Cocculus, are increasingly gaining in popularity in this market.
An online shop with access to commercial specifications and discounts on our products is available to our customers.
Sur Horticola combines experience and innovation in order to provide fresh, unique and high quality stems.

Our 3 principles of work

  • We harvest our plants upon client’s request in order to guarantee the delivery of fresh and durable products to the European market. We deliver our boxes to Spain within 24/48 hours and to Europe within 48 hours.
  • We supply high quality products harvested by our fully trained and experienced staff. A team of supervisors check that only the best stems are selected and dispatched according to the client’s wishes.
  • We guarantee that all our varieties of cut foliage are audited by the GLOBAL G.A.P Certification Program. Biological measures have been successfully implemented in order to avoid as far as possible the use of chemicals. This way, we try to control the pests while producing 0 residue products and protecting the environment.
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