Sur Horticola’s founder, Mr. Antonio Medina, formerly known as the “father of the Andalusian strawberry”, has been awarded on several occasions; the last of these recognitions was in 2003 when he received the Medal of Andalusia. However, the original idea which led him to begin his journey in “Las Madres” farm was to improve the already existing strawberry crops. He achieved impressive results by testing the crops to identify the best varieties, applying modern Californian technologies and introducing polyethylene film.
This great technological revolution together with a smart business vision and a courageous export strategy led Sur Horticola and “Las Madres” to a pioneering and leading position in the Spanish strawberry market. As a result, Sur Horticola gained a wide experience in innovation but always keeping in mind the importance of the improvement and diversification of crops.
From the 1980s to the present-day, Sur Horticola has been focusing its efforts in the development of the plantation of the Triumph persimmon variety (also known as Sharon), the improvement of the production of Rojo Brillante persimmon variety, the import and adaptation of cultivation systems for the Leather Fern and other tropical and subtropical ornamental foliage plants, the examination of the production and selling of hydrangeas ornamental flowers and proteas plantations among other activities.
As a result of these 50 years of experience as a benchmark in modern agriculture in the South of Spain, Sur Horticola is currently considered a leading producer and exporter company which is continuously growing and developing. However, the company preserves its familiar roots and its interest to keep improving and innovating in the agricultural field.