Welcome to South Western Fruits

Combining the deeply ingrained agricultural tradition with the highly innovative advanced technology, we are able to produce more than 4 million kilos of “Fuyu”, “Rojo Brillante” and “Triumph” (Sharon) KAKI varieties yearly, allocating an 80% of our production to the demanding German and Dutch markets.

Our brand is completely consolidated in the agri-food sector of KAKI in both of its varieties thanks to our ability to produce large amounts of this fruit with the highest quality standards, as evidenced by the quality certifications in our possession.

Who is South Western Fruits

We started our journey in growing of KAKI Sharon at pioneering way in 1989, from a plant material quality which enabled us soon exported to Europe. From these beginnings we have continued to devote much of our resources and efforts to the development, innovation and improved farming techniques and handling of KAKI.
Over the last decade, the growing of the “Rojo Brillante” KAKI variety, which has a striking shape, size and colour as well as a delicious, sweet and seedless pulp, has rapidly been developed and expanded in Spain as a result of an increase in the consumption.
Sur Horticola has become one of the leading Spanish companies in the exports of persimmon, reaching the major European capital cities.
Nowadays our fruit is widely recognized and it is served and sold taking into consideration the requests of each costumer and market. Ask our sales agents about our different packages.

Our Numbers

Farming/+25 years
Selling/+4.000.000 kilos
Packing/+30 types of packings

Our Packings

Flow pack 2 uds
Tarrina 4 uds
Pitufo 6 uds
Pitufo 8 uds
Sharon 40×30
Sur Hortícola 50×30
Sur Hortícola madera 50×30
Basket 10×1 Kg
Europool 60×40
Sur Hortícola 60×40